Corroded or stressed pipework is a hidden liability to any type of property, we offer non intrusive repair with a 10 year warranty.


Our barrier coating system is able to protect even small diameter pipelines against leaks, loose threads and future corrosion.


Corroded or stressed pipework is a hidden liability to any type of property, we offer non intrusive repair with a 10 year warranty.


Our barrier coating system is able to protect even small diameter pipelines against leaks, loose threads and future corrosion.

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R2Pipetech ® is a rapid pipe repair coating which coats and protects the interior surface of pipework.

The coating is applied through the interior of the pipe to stop leaks and protect your pipe from corrosion.

R2Pipetech ® is the leak stop solution when you have pipes running under floors, behind partitions or in any inaccessible location.

Pinhole Leaks

R2 relining system is capable of sealing pin holes of up to 1.5mm dn the relining technique carries a 10 year warranty.

No building Damage

The R2 system helps restore your pipes in situ without the need to remove and replace.Generally we can line under floors behind plasterboard and ceilings.

Cost Effective

R2 will save a significant amount of money on both materials and labour costs.

Better Than New

The R2Pipetech ® process can also be used as a preventative measure in corrosive or aggressive environments.

Increased flow rate

Our pipe cleaning and lining process will improve the flow rates in your system reducing energy costs.

Through wall corrosion

Through wall corrosion can reduce water flow. The R2Pipetech® process gives you the flow your system was designed to deliver.

No more dirty Water

No more dirty Water or LEAD contamination – eliminate rusty water or water contamination. Eliminate lead or copper contamination. R2Pipetech ® delivers a pure, clean, piping system.

Legionella Bacteria

• Reduce the opportunity for Legionella Bacteria to reside in the corrosion and tuberculation in you pipes

No disturbance of Asbestos

In older buildings where Asbestos is present, pipe replacement can lead to massive disruption and expense to eliminate the hazards of asbestos.
We can reline the pipes in-situ without the necessity to disturb asbestos behind walls, ceilings or floors

Our Clients, Industries served


Pipes leaking at sea can cause serious issues for engine cooling, escaping toxic and corrosive fluids or drain and sewage leaking from push fit connections. R2Pipetech lining is ideal for lining, repairing and protecting scupper pipes passing through bulkheads. We have formulations for seawater, foul and sewage water, high temperature and steam applications. We even have a coating for erosion control in high temperature acidic environments.

Asset Management

Our system is designed to be installed in locations where a minimum level of disruption is essential. Installation is carried out in a controlled manor without the need to expose the building or its occupants to any further risks.


Pipework in older buildings is often inaccessible without major disruption to the building fabric itself.
Our repair system can be carried out without intrusive excavation or exposure, even on small diameter pipework.

Pipe Inspection

Pipe inspection/Condition assessment.

Before we can recommend any repair we need to first establish whats causing the problem. We do this by carrying out a Pipe Inspection and condition assessment to locate leaking joints, pinholes, scale build up or corrosion.

Our state of the art cameras provide high quality images to show you exactly where the hidden problems are. We also use acoustic locating devices to confirm accuracy.

Rehabilitation Reporting
  • Leaking joints or pinholes
  • Fire suppression corrosion inspection inspection
  • Corrosion Condition assessment
  • Scale build up assessment

From our Inspection we produce a written document and video report along with any recommended works and costings.

Drain CCTV Inspection

Installation Process


We use a boroscope camera inspection to determine the initial condition of the pipe. This will clearly show any defects and general condition of the internal pipe structure.

The camera inspection is vital in locating defects in the pipework.

The areas which are to be repaired are marked ready for the next process.


Once inspected, the pipe is drained and pressure tested to determine the leakage rate.

All test results are recorded and used to compare and clarify the effectiveness of any repair we carry out on your behalf.

Cleaning and Preparation

Depending on the diameter of the pipe, the pipe is cleaned using mechanical tools or mineral aggregate introduced via a channelled airflow.

This clears the pipe of any obstructions and prepares the interior surface of the pipe to receive the protective coating.


We then apply our barrier coating to internally line the inside of pipe, this seals any leaks, loose threads and protects the pipe from further corrosion for decades to come.


After the coating, we allow the material to cure for two hours, this allows a hard film barrier to form protecting the pipe interior.


The pipe is boroscope camera inspected again and then pressure tested to ensure complete coverage.

The fully repaired pipe can then be reinstated ready for years of uninterrupted service.

Installation the steps involved

The remediation method employed will depend upon the pipe material and the condition of pipes, this is determined by our qualified engineers using state of the art boroscope cameras.

The steps involved in the  process are simple.

Quality Assurance

All stages from inspection to final testing are fully record and documented.

The coating process

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